About our System

Our System is one of the Best Schools Management System.
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

We believe that a proper management system can add up to your efficiency. With that thought in mind, we created this software. That is exactly why iManage- school features more than 30 Modules; after all, our goal is to make your life super easy. iManage- school is the ultimate school managing solution that you were so desperately looking for. Well, look no more!

When using Imanage- school, you are your own boss! You are the admin, so you can customize your dashboard the way it works best for you.

Although it was not our initial intention to convince you on trying this awesome software, we would not be surprised if we did exactly that. The logical thought development in your head just about now is: “Wow, this software is cool; I want a piece of this. I wonder how much it would cost me.” Well, since you asked, it would be polite to give you an answer.

Waqar Ali Gill, Director / Owner